What Live Plants Are Good For Angelfish?

Live plants are good for angelfish, including Water Sprite, Amazon Sword, Java Fern, Hornwort, and Dwarf Tiger Lotus. Live plants would be much more beneficial to your angelfish than fake plants.

Having live plants in your aquarium will help to provide it with oxygen, and it will filter the water. They could also help to keep the ammonia levels controlled. When looked after, they will look much better in an aquarium than fake plastic plants.

Placing Live Plants In Aquarium For Angelfish

Angelfish will be at their healthiest when you provide them with some live aquarium plants. Not only will they use these live plants as a place to hide, but the plants may also give them a sense of security.

Even more importantly, live plants will provide angelfish with a safe space to lay their eggs. However, it would be best to keep in mind that angelfish will eat some plants, especially if they become bored, malnourished, or are merely used to snacking on vegetables.

However, live plants will serve angelfish mainly for hiding and breeding. Therefore, they are less likely to eat plants when compared to other kinds of fish.

If you wish to decorate your aquarium or looking to add a bit of color, it will help to know the types of plants angelfish are less likely to eat.

These plants are also beneficial to angelfish and will help them thrive to their fullest potential. Let’s take a closer look:

Angelfish in Front of Colorful Plants

Water Sprite To Provide Angelfish With Privacy

Water Sprite plants are highly popular aquarium plants due to their narrow and long leafy stems, forming a thick wall.

Angelfish find these plants very attractive, as they can swim through them and hide. It provides angelfish with the privacy they need, especially when they need to lay their eggs.

A Water Sprite plant will also encourage breeding in your tank while keeping your angelfish’s fragile eggs safe and sound. The most significant advantage of having a Water Sprite plant in your tank would be that they grow very slowly.

However, they can reach roughly 13 inches in height, so you will need to consider the size of your tank before introducing it. Due to it growing at such a slow rate, you won’t have a problem keeping it under control with some light trimming now and again.

Amazon Sword To Encourage Angelfish Breeding

If you’re a proud angelfish owner who wants to encourage breeding, having some Amazon Sword plants in your aquarium will do the trick!

These aquatic plants have long leaves, providing the perfect surface for angelfish eggs, especially if you position the plants in front of a taller plant species to protect them.

An Amazon Sword plant won’t require much, as long as you anchor its roots thoroughly while leaving the crown free above the substrate.

If you care for the plants correctly, they have the potential to grow up to 20 inches! If you have adequate light in your aquarium, these plants will flourish, although they will need regular maintenance and trimming.

As far as angelfish are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Java Fern To Keep Your Angelfish Stimulated

The Java Fern plant is another slow-growing plant species, meaning you won’t have to be too concerned about it taking your aquarium over.

However, because Java Ferns can reach heights of 13 inches or more, you may need to do some light trimming accordingly if your tank lacks the space to keep it contained.

The Java Fern has relatively thin leaves, and your angelfish will appreciate them greatly, as they will swim through them and chase each other!

That said, a Java Fern’s leaves may be thin, but they are hardy enough to support angelfish eggs during mating.

Some angelfish can also use these plants to take a breather if they need some rest. The plant is leathery and firm, so it can survive in various tank conditions.

Suppose you let your Java Fern grow large enough. In that case, your angelfish can also use it to hide, so this is a multi-use plant, and these plants are an ideal match for community aquariums.

Java Fern Wedged into Driftwood

Hornwort Plants As A Source Of Oxygen For Angelfish

Hornwort plants are known as one of the tallest growing angelfish aquarium plants. They will work perfectly with Amazon Sword plants placed at the back of the tank, providing shelter and covering angelfish eggs.

Additionally, Hornwort plants are a great source of oxygen for angelfish! When you plant Hornwort plants in dense groups, angelfish will love to search for cover amongst the stems.

As these plants tend to grow quickly, you may be required to trim them regularly to keep them from covering your entire aquarium!

It will also need moderate to bright lighting, as well as a large amount of liquid fertilizer to keep them looking healthy.

Along with all the benefits these plants provide to your angelfish, they will also add some color to your tank! Although the leaves are mostly a darker shade of green, they can turn lighter in color if your tank is warmer.

Harlequin Rasboras with Plants Hornwort and Vallisneria

Dwarf Tiger Lotus Plants As A Source Of Iron To Angelfish

Dwarf tiger plants are members of the Nymphaea genus, so they will grow both submerged and floating leaves.

It may be good to note that the leaves of these plants can grow up to 2 feet wide, but they can be easily maintained at smaller sizes. They will grow quickly and need trimming daily if your tank conditions are optimal.

Additionally, to keep their bright and pleasant colors, they will need to be supplemented with iron, along with other fertilizers.

On the bright side, these plants are an excellent source of iron to angelfish, and they will enjoy the plants and reap their benefits.


Knowing what live aquarium plants are good for your angelfish will not only benefit them, but they will light up your tank, adding a splash of life and color.

Every live aquarium plant will need some maintenance, just like typical garden plants, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping for live aquarium plants.