How Many Zebra Danios In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Zebra danios are small fish, so you can keep five in a 10-gallon tank. When they are not in a school, they can develop health issues, but if you have too many in one tank, they can also develop stress and growth issues. It would help if you kept a school together, which means five or more.

Zebra danios are easy to maintain and great as first pets. They are also durable and won’t need much attention. You will have to know how many zebra danios you can keep in a tank, though, as you don’t want too many.

You can keep many different species of danios in one tank, and every one has its unique color. However, the bigger the danio, the bigger your tank will have to be in the long run.

How Many Zebra Danios Can You Keep In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Zebra danios are small fish, meaning you can keep quite a few together in one tank. However, you want to avoid cramping them into a small space as they need to swim freely. It’s best to keep about five zebra danios in a tank of 10 gallons.

Many overcrowd the tanks as they have little knowledge about the fish species. If you wish to keep more fish in a tank, you should acquire a bigger tank. You can give one gallon of water to each fish you have in the tank; this way, you can ensure you will provide them with enough space.

If you want to keep other species of danios in the tank, you should consider the size of the species of danio. For example, the giant and leopard danios are bigger than the zebra danios. This size means they will need a bigger tank if you want to keep more in the tank.

What Fish Can You Keep With Zebra Danios In A Tank?

You can keep many species of fish with zebra danios in a 10-gallon tank if you don’t overcrowd them. You can keep the following fish with zebra danios:

  • All barbs
  • All rainbows
  • Swordtails
  • Clownfish
  • Gouramis of similar size to the danios.

Distracting more aggressive fish is typical for Zebra Danios and other danio species. Fish with a fighting disposition may frequently be distracted by these quick-moving creatures because they have hyperactive personalities. However, it’s not recommended to get danios only for this purpose.

Tank Temperature For Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are low-maintenance fish and need almost no care except feeding and cleaning the tanks.

It’s best to keep your tank temperature between 65 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. They will thrive in this water and also be able to breed correctly with this temperature.

How Many Zebra Danios Can You Keep In One Tank?

Zebra danios are known to be school fishes. It would help if you kept them in a group of at least five, or it might affect their growth and development.

If you don’t have them in schools, it might effect their health and then cause stress and growth. A 10-gallon tank can hold about five danios, which is perfect, but when you have a bigger tank, you can have more zebra danios.

You can also add more species of fish to the tank to make a community aquarium but keep in mind the size of the tank. It would be best if you got a bigger tank to keep them in when you add more fish.

In addition, you can also calculate the space you will need in the long run. One inch of each fish per gallon of water is the “one-inch-one-gallon rule.”

Two liters of water are needed for a zebra danio, which is around two inches long. Your zebra danios typically measure between 1 and 2 inches in length.

Since zebra danios are schooling fish, it is acceptable to house five in a 10-gallon aquarium.

What Happens When You Overcrowd Zebra Danios?

When you overcrowd zebra danios, it can lead to quite a few problems.

Not only can it affect their health, but you can put extreme stress on your fish when you do. They can also get aggressive when overcrowded, leading to fights between the fish.

Health issues will result from a drop in the tank’s water quality. They can then lose their appetite; after a while, they may die because they won’t eat.

Another health issue is ammonia poisoning caused by a spike in the tank’s ammonia level.

Zebra Danios in Front of Plants

Tips For Zebra Danio Tanks

There is much to know about zebra danios before you can own a few or begin breeding. For example, zebra danios are known to jump, so it’s best to keep the tank covered, so they don’t get out.

They also don’t need extra care for their tanks, only basic cleaning.

Zebra danios are not picky eaters so you can feed them fish flakes. However, they do like bloodworms and small insects.

Regarding the breeding season, you will have to get a separate breeding tank for the mated pairs.

The breeding tank will ensure that the big fish don’t eat the babies when they are born. You fill the tank with gravel and plants for the fry to hide when hatched.

These fish are overall great for beginners in aquarium life.

What Can You Decorate A 10-Gallon Tank With?

It’s best to have a tank with lots of swimming space for zebra danios.

You can add some tall plants to the tank or those that float on top of the water, as they are surface-oriented fish. These plants will also help them feel at home and less stressed.


Because of their small size, you can keep about five zebra danios in one 10-gallon tank. Danios also don’t need much attention and only grow to about 2 inches. They can become stressed, grow slower, and become hostile when you overcrowd them. The more zebra danios you have, the happier your fish will be. Just ensure they have enough space.