How Many Angelfish In A 75 Gallon Tank?

The ideal number of angelfish to have in a 75-gallon tank is 6 to 8. Angelfish require around 10 gallons of water each and an additional 10 to 20 gallons of water on top of the combined water required for the group. Therefore, 6 angelfish will require 60 gallons plus around 15 gallons for extra space.

Angelfish can grow quite large, so it can be challenging to figure out how many you can keep when you have a tank of a specific size. 75 gallons is a decently-sized tank and is a good size for the small group of angelfish. This article can tell you exactly how many angelfish should be kept in your 75-gallon fish tank.

How Many Angelfish Can Go In A 75-Gallon Tank?

Angelfish prefer to live in groups even though they are not schooling fish. So keeping one angelfish in a tank isn’t recommended, even in a bigger tank with more objects and entertainment. That begs the question of how many angelfish you can keep in a 75-gallon tank.

How Much Water Do Angelfish Need?

Angelfish can grow anywhere from 7 to 10 inches tall and around 6 inches long. This is pretty big for a home aquarium fish, so you’ll need a pretty large tank to hold a group of them.

The rule of thumb is that each angelfish needs around 10 gallons of water. In addition, there should be an extra 10 or 20 gallons for some extra room to move around.

Each angelfish requires 10 gallons of water. Suppose you have a 75-gallon tank; the ideal number of angelfish is 6. In this case, 6 angelfish will require 60 gallons of water in addition to the 10 to 20 gallons extra, which works out to around 75 gallons.

A more scientific method for calculating the number of angelfish your tank can hold is to allow 12 square inches for each angelfish. However, it’s also essential to consider the tank’s height. If you don’t know the volume of your tank, you can use its dimensions to calculate it.

Multiply the tank’s length, width, and height to get the cubic measurement. To calculate the volume in gallons when measuring in inches, divide your answer by 231. This will tell you how many gallons of water your tank can hold when completely full.

Angelfish over Plant Covered Bottom

The Tank’s Shape Matters

Angelfish also have pretty unique body shapes. They grow taller than they do long, so the shape of the tank they are kept in also matters, not just the size. It’s recommended to keep angelfish in a tank with decent height, as it gives their tall bodies more space to move around without getting too close to or bumping into others.

This doesn’t mean they don’t need horizontal space to move around, but finding a balance between the width, length, and height will make them more comfortable. Angelfish have semi-aggressive natures, so agitation or stress can cause them to lash out and attack their tank mates.

When calculating the tank’s volume and how many angelfish it can hold, it’s essential to include the space taken up by objects in the tank.

Water plants, gravel on the bottom, the water filter, and any other objects you might add will take up space. This is another reason the tank needs a balance between height, length, and width.

For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that they have enough space to move around and explore. Angelfish also live long lives of up to 10 years, so investing in a bigger tank may be worth it.

75 gallons is only the minimum recommended tank size for 6 angelfish. It’s even better if they have a bigger tank to swim around in.

What Tank Size Can 4 Angelfish Live In?

For 4 angelfish to live comfortably, the tank must hold at least 50 to 55 gallons. 10 gallons per angelfish, along with 10 to 20 gallons extra, works out to 50 to 60 gallons of water.

The extra space gives them room to explore and move around comfortably. It also provides space for water plants and other items added to the tank.

In general, it’s best to keep at least 5 or 6 angelfish together to prevent antisocial behaviors. They like to socialize with others, and if there aren’t enough fish to keep them entertained, they will get bored.

Boredom in angelfish can make them listless and agitated. Agitated angelfish may attack their tank mates out of frustration.

Other Fish That Can Live In A 75-Gallon Tank

75-gallon tanks are larger than most fish tanks you might have at home. But if you have one and are wondering what other fish may be a good fit for the tank, a number of fish would do well in a large tank like this.

They may not necessarily be as big as angelfish, but that means you could have more of them in the tank. Slightly smaller schooling fish are a good idea, as they can form groups and won’t get lonely.

As long as you don’t overfill your tank, they should be pretty happy. With a bigger tank, you will also have more room to add plants and features.

  • Tetras – Tetras are schooling fish that grow to around 1.5 inches long and have hardy natures. Pair them with small-finned fish as tetras are known to nibble on bigger fins.
  • Guppies – Guppies are one of the most popular fish to keep at home. They are small, beautiful, and easy to take care of. Just make sure there are lots of water plants around.
  • Boesemani rainbow fish – Boesemani rainbow fish sport vibrant colors and grow to around 4 inches. They make excellent tankmates for angelfish and tend to ignore other fish species.


Angelfish do well in groups, but it’s difficult to know how many to keep in one tank because they can get quite big; so, the recommended number of angelfish for a 75-gallon tank is 6. Angelfish get aggressive when cramped, but there shouldn’t be less than 5 or 6 angelfish in a group. 6 is also an even number for pairings, so no angelfish will be left out.