How Many Swordtails in a 29 Gallon Tank?

Orange and Yellow Swordtail

Eight swordtails are the ideal number for a 29-gallon tank. Ideally, the ratio between males and females in a 29-gallon tank should be one to three, respectively.  Whether you’ve been collecting fish for a while or are new to it, you’ve most likely come across swordtails. Swordtails are always recommended because they’re not a demanding … Read more

How Many Swordtails in a 20-Gallon Tank?

Red Swordtail Male

Swordtails make excellent pets. They’re mild-tempered, low-maintenance, and pretty to look at. If you just brought a small-ish tank, you might be wondering how many swordtails in a 20-gallon tank create a balanced ecosystem. You can fit 4 or 5 swordtails comfortably in 20 gallons of freshwater, but you might be able to push it … Read more

How Many Swordtails In a 10-Gallon Tank?

Red Wagtail Swordtail

You can only fit 2 swordtails in a 1 gallon tank. Even with only 2 fish, this isn’t an ideal set up and you really should consider a larger tank to keep your fish happy and healthy Swordtails are peaceful but extremely active fish, and they thrive in smaller groups. So, a larger tank at … Read more

How Many Swordtails in a 5-Gallon Tank?


Figuring out how many swordtails in a 5-gallon tank make a decent balance can be a risky business. While it’s not ideal, you can only keep one swordtail fish in a 5-gallon tank as long as it’s only a temporary solution. This might be bad news for people who enjoy the convenience of smaller aquariums, … Read more

Do Platies and Swordtails Mate?

Gold Platy Swimming

Yes! Platies and swordtails can mate! It’s become pretty standard in the aquarium pet fish trade to breed two species in the hope of producing offspring with more desirable traits. Aquarists are always looking for the most compatible species for crossbreeding The reason why there’s a wide array of bright-colored aquarium fish with such eye-catching … Read more

Swordtail: Species Profile

Red Swordtail Male

Category: Livebearer Common Names: Swordtail Scientific Name: Xiphophorus helleri Family: Poeciliidae Minimum Tank Size: 20 Gallons Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Max Size: 4 Inches Temperature: 72-82 F pH: 7.0-8.0 Tank Level: All Colors: Black, Orange, Yellow, White Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Extremely Easy Swordtail Fish Overview Swordtail fish (Xiphophorus helleri) is a popular freshwater species … Read more

The Different Types of Aquarium Swordtails

Red Wagtail Swordtail

There are 18 different types of aquarium swordtail fish species. They all belong to the genus Xiphophorus in the family Poeciliidae of order Cyprinodontiformes. Under the same genus are the platy fish, commonly referred to as platies. The platies and swordtails are popular freshwater fish native to northern Central America and Mexico. In this post, … Read more

What Foods Do Swordtails Eat?

Orange Swordtail

Swordtails are omnivores who hunt and eat anything that fits into their mouths. They feed on aquatic invertebrates, insect larvae, tiny crustaceans, worms, algae, and even plant debris. That said, in aquarium settings, swordtails require a nutrient-rich balanced diet. It’s rare to find a fish that’s both easy to care for and peaceful, which is … Read more

Why Is My Female Swordtail Being Aggressive

Red Swordtail Female

You may be concerned about your female swordtail’s behavior. Swordtail fish are normally gentle and dislike violence. So, if your fish is acting strangely, there’s a chance something is wrong. Thus, if you’re asking why my female swordtail is aggressive, there can be many causes. Female Swordtail aggression could be due to overcrowding or a … Read more

Will Different Types of Swordtails Breed?

Red Wagtail Swordtail

Different types of swordtails will breed if they find themselves together in one tank. Since they belong to the same family, they can crossbreed naturally.  When you’re keeping males and females from different types in one tank, you can’t guarantee they won’t breed. So, if you’re asking if it’s safe, it should be since they … Read more