Can Mollies and Platies Live Together?

Balloon Molly Fish

Platies are excellent fish for beginners, but finding the right tank mates for them can be a little tricky. Luckily, mollies and platies can live happily together in the same tank because these fish are peaceful and will get along together. Platy fish are actually sociable and like to live with a group of their … Read more

How Many Mollies in a 29 Gallon Tank?

Molly Fish

Raising mollies in a 29-gallon tank can provide them with the right conditions to grow and thrive. A 29-gallon tank is spacious enough to house up to nine mollies without hindering their movement or preventing them from being their active selves. In this post, we cover all you need to know about raising mollies in … Read more

How Many Mollies In a 5 Gallon Tank? A Quick Guide

Yellow mollies in an aquarium isolated on a black background

Mollies are among the most common pet fish because of their beautiful colors and calm temperament and are considered beginner-friendly fish to raise. Raising one molly fish in a small 5-gallon tank is possible. Though it’s never a great idea since 5 gallons is a bit too small for a molly. Mollies are very energetic … Read more

What Temperature Do Mollies Like?

Balloon Molly Fish

Mollies are freshwater fish that belong to the Poeciliidae family. They originate from a tropical climate, which means mollies survive best in warm water temperatures that range between 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While mollies are adaptable fish that can survive in varying water temperatures and conditions, they must exist in their preferable temperatures so … Read more

Can Mollies and Platies Breed?

Sailfin Molly

Despite sharing multiple traits, mollies and platies can’t breed with each other. They’re not compatible breeding mates because they don’t belong to the same family. As an aquarist, you’ve probably heard of how to get different species to mate with the hope of producing more robust offspring. However, not all species are destined for breeding, … Read more

Can Mollies and Guppies Live Together?

Mollies and guppies are great tank mates. Mollies and guppies are actually considered to be relatives. Though mollies can be semi-aggressive, the two species can live together in the same tank with little to no problems. But there are a few factors to consider. If you’re looking to get a fish tank soon and you’re … Read more

Can Black Mollies Live Alone?

Black Molly Fish

If you want to have just one black molly in your fish tank, you can. A single black molly can survive living alone just fine, given that you offer it proper nutrition and healthy environmental conditions. However, mollies are social fish that like to live within a group. So, ideally speaking, your mollies will feel … Read more

Are Mollies Easy to Breed?

Group of White Mollies

We know that breeding fish for the first time might seem challenging, especially if you don’t know the difficulty level with which mollies breed. Thankfully, mollies are easy to breed in a contained environment, making them a great choice for newbie fish breeders. In this article, we’ll share with you all the information you need … Read more