Can Zebra Danios Live With Goldfish?

Zebra Danio with Red Tint

The calm, non-aggressive temperament of zebra danios and goldfish is reason enough for them to co-exist, making them ideal tank mates. Besides their similar demeanor, zebra danios and goldfish are known to share similar tank requirements and dietary needs. As with any fish species, certain circumstances can cause the zebra danios and goldfish to behave … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

Gold fish or goldfish floating swimming underwater in fresh aquarium tank with green plant. marine life.

Angelfish and goldfish cannot typically live in the same tank. The two species come from different climates and prefer differing water temperatures. Their temperaments are different from each other and can cause stressful living conditions for both. Both fish are considered peaceful when housed with other fish of their species. Although it is not advisable … Read more

Can Plecos Live with Goldfish?

Bushymouth Pleco

Some types of plecos can live in harmony with goldfish in the same tank. However, you need to adjust the water parameters to make sure that they suit both fish species.  Goldfish aren’t the easiest fish to pair in a tank despite being friendly. This is why you need to be careful about the types … Read more

Can Neon Tetras Live With Goldfish?

Gold fish or goldfish floating swimming underwater in fresh aquarium tank with green plant. marine life.

It’s not advisable to keep neon tetras and goldfish in the same tank. Because both fish species have different needs, living together can put them in danger. Neon tetras and goldfish are both social, playful, and peaceful fish. Not only do they bring their own unique colors and personalities to the aquarium. They’re also low-maintenance … Read more

Goldfish: Species Profile

Category: Goldfish Common Names: Goldfish Scientific Name: Carassius auratus Family: Cyprinidae Minimum Tank Size: 15 Gallons Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Max Size: 12+ inches Temperature: 65-75 F pH: 6.5-7.5 Tank Level: All Colors: Orange Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Difficult Goldfish Species Overview Goldfish are a popular choice for tropical fish tanks because they come in … Read more

Can Platies Live with Goldfish?

Orange Platy on Gravel

If you’re looking for a couple of easy-going aquarium fish that don’t require much effort to raise, you can’t go wrong with platies and goldfish. While these platies and goldfish may share several physical characteristics, it’s not advisable to put them together in one tank due to each species requiring different water parameters. This is … Read more

Can Swordtails and Goldfish Live Together?

Swordtails and goldfish are among the most popular pet fish choices due to their beautiful colors and shape. The question is, can swordtails and goldfish live together? The answer is yes. With the right care and management, swordtails and goldfish can coexist peacefully. Let’s learn more about both species of fish and see how we … Read more

Can Goldfish and Guppies Live Together?

While it’s common to see goldfish and guppies in one tank, it’s not advisable to keep them together. Goldfish and guppies cannot coexist peacefully and healthily in one aquarium. Goldfish and guppies are two of the most popular species to add to freshwater aquariums. Not only do they add their own unique colors to aquariums; … Read more