Can Zebra Danios Live With Neon Tetras?

Zebra Danio

Zebra danios and neon tetras are compatible and can live together. These small, active fish have a calm nature and get along well with each other. Their dietary preferences are the same- they’re omnivores. The water temperature, pH level, and alkaline quantities suit both species.  Neon tetras and zebra danios are popular fish and great … Read more

Can Zebra Danios Live With Goldfish?

Zebra Danio with Red Tint

The calm, non-aggressive temperament of zebra danios and goldfish is reason enough for them to co-exist, making them ideal tank mates. Besides their similar demeanor, zebra danios and goldfish are known to share similar tank requirements and dietary needs. As with any fish species, certain circumstances can cause the zebra danios and goldfish to behave … Read more

Can Zebra Danios Live With Bettas?

Macro photo of a zebrafish (Danio rerio) with a white background

It is not recommended for zebra danios to live with bettas. This is because of the vast differences in their ways of living. The factors that influence why these two species can’t live together are the tank conditions, behavioral differences, and their dietary conflicts. Zebra danios and bettas, while both beautiful fish, are entirely different. … Read more

Can Zebra Danios Live Alone?

Zebra Danio in Front of Plants

Zebra danios should not live alone. Zebra danios are schooling fish, and when kept alone in an aquarium, they become highly stressed, which weakens their immunity and makes them prone to illness. Therefore, zebra danios should be kept in a school of at least five fish. These small attractive aquarium fish get their name from … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Schooling Fish?

Zebra danios (Danio rerio) are schooling fish. This fish species should be maintained in a group of at least six or more specimens. Zebra danios thrive in schools, and if kept in too small of a grouping, these fish may become anxious, prone to disease, or aggressive toward other tank mates.  Zebra danios are highly … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Livebearers?

Zebra Fish, brachydanio rerio

Zebra danios are not livebearers. They do not get pregnant. Instead, they will bloat when ready to lay their eggs and then scatter their eggs across the entire tank. The male zebra danio will fertilize them, and then the baby fish, also known as the baby fry, will be born from the egg sacks. Zebra … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Hardy?

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) with a white background

Belonging to the Cyprinidae family, zebra danios are known to be incredibly hardy fish. Since they are cold-water fish, they can thrive in a wide range of water parameters. Despite their small stature, zebra danios can outsmart and outwit larger fish due to their vigor and quick swim techniques. Although they are hardy, it doesn’t … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Fin Nippers

Zebra Danio Side View

Zebra Danios have a mostly calm temperament but are known to nip at the fins of other fish occasionally. Fin nipping in zebra danios is primarily due to environmental factors like overcrowded tanks, stress, food scarcity, species isolation, and being placed with aquarium fish they don’t get along with. The zebra danio is a freshwater … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Easy to Breed?

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) with a white background

The zebra danios are exceptionally easy to breed. Their breeding style is classic egg scatterer, dispersing about 100 eggs across the tank. Zebras breed prolifically, once every few weeks. Prepare a breeding tank with the proper water temperature and light to facilitate spawning behavior. The zebra danios or striped danios have recognizable horizontal black stripes … Read more

Are Zebra Danios Cold Water Fish?

Zebra Danios are a robust cold freshwater fish species preferring water temperature between 65 to 75⁰F. They can withstand lower or higher water temperatures. They typically do well without a heater (if the room temperature is between 65 to 75⁰F, but can comfortably live in 60⁰F temperatures.  Zebra danios are one of the easiest fish … Read more