Can Angelfish Live With Bettas?

Orange Betta with Angelfish

Although possible under certain conditions, it is strongly advised not to place angelfish and bettas in the same tank. This is because angelfish and bettas are behaviorally territorial fish, and both fish tend to have rather aggressive temperaments, which can lead to fighting between the two species.  Bettas tend to be more aggressive and will … Read more

Can Betta Fish Live With Cory Catfish?

White Betta Fish Over Gravel

Betta fish can live with cory catfish. Bettas are loner fish that occupy the tank’s middle and top layer. They will fight more aggressive fish to protect their territory and food resources. Cory catfish are docile, schooling bottom-feeder fish that will not provoke the betta in any way. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighter … Read more

Can Plecos Live with Bettas?

Sailfin Pleco

Most types of plecos can live peacefully with bettas in the same tank. These fish won’t attack one another or compete for food, but some types of plecos aren’t the perfect tank mates for bettas.  Choosing several fish species to live together in the same tank can be a daunting task. For example, bettas are … Read more

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

Yes, betta fish do sleep.  But it’s quite different than how humans sleep. All fish sleep.  But they don’t sleep the way humans and many other land based animals sleep.  Fish go into a state where their metabolism slows and their activity is drastically reduced.  They go into a semi-conscious state where they make only … Read more

Betta Fish: Species Profile

Category: Betta Common Names: Betta, Siamese Fighting Fish Scientific Name: Betta splendens Family: Belontiidae Minimum Tank Size: 2.5 Gallons Care Level: Easy Temperament: Semi-Aggressive Max Size: 3 Inches Temperature: 74-86 F pH: 6.0-8.0 Tank Level: Middle to Top Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Purple, Pink, Green Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Difficult Betta Fish Species Overview The Siamese … Read more

How Many Babies Do Betta Fish Have?

Whether you’ve noticed a pump on your betta fish’s belly, or you’re willing to breed betta fish in your tank, you’ll probably wonder, how many babies do betta fish have? Most betta fish breeds lay around 30 to 40 eggs per spawn, while other breeds can lay up to 300 eggs.  Betta fish, also known … Read more

Do Betta Fish Need a Filter in Their Tank?

Purple and Blue Betta

Unless you are a veteran fish keeper looking for a challenge, your betta fish need a filter. As beautiful as they are, bettas are dirty. If you’re thinking about getting a few, you can expect to have to clean their tank routinely regardless of whether you have a filter. Without a filter, you’d need to … Read more