Can Angelfish Live With Bettas?

Orange Betta with Angelfish

Although possible under certain conditions, it is strongly advised not to place angelfish and bettas in the same tank. This is because angelfish and bettas are behaviorally territorial fish, and both fish tend to have rather aggressive temperaments, which can lead to fighting between the two species.  Bettas tend to be more aggressive and will … Read more

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

Gold fish or goldfish floating swimming underwater in fresh aquarium tank with green plant. marine life.

Angelfish and goldfish cannot typically live in the same tank. The two species come from different climates and prefer differing water temperatures. Their temperaments are different from each other and can cause stressful living conditions for both. Both fish are considered peaceful when housed with other fish of their species. Although it is not advisable … Read more

Can I Use Aquarium Salt With Angelfish?

Group of Four Large Angelfish

It is safe to add aquarium salt to an angelfish tank. But, as a general rule, adding aquarium salt is not something you should consider as an immediate go-to for angelfish. Add it explicitly for treating illness to ensure the fish heal faster. Also, ensure that you add no salt other than aquarium salt. Although … Read more

Common Angelfish Diseases

Three Striped Angelfish in Front of Rocks

The most common angelfish diseases are a white spot disease called Ich, mouth rot resulting from injuries from fights with other fish, and dropsy which can cause fish to swim with a tilt.  Early detection of your angelfish is vital, like looking for signs of common diseases. Early signs of diseases are a loss of … Read more

Do Angelfish Eat Plants?

Group of Striped Angelfish in Front of Grass

Angelfish eat plants. However, their reason for eating plants is not purely for nutrition purposes. They eat plants because they are bored, not adequately nourished, or lack fiber in their diets. They love eating soft plants and plants with delicate leaves in an aquarium. These beautiful little freshwater tropical fish, native to the Amazon, do … Read more

Do Angelfish Change Color?

Striped Angelfish on Sand

Angelfish can change color for several reasons. Sexual dimorphism in some species may radically change the color, markings, and overall appearance of the male and female fish. To name but a few other reasons, they’ll change color due to illness or injury, when they are sleeping, stressed, or while fighting. There are more than eighty … Read more

Do Angelfish Eat Algae?

Very Cloudy Aquarium Water due to Algae Overgrowth

Angelfish are freshwater fish indigenous to South America. In the wild, they eat mostly meat, with plants and algae forming a minor part of their diets. Angelfish are popular fish for aquariums, and owners should feed them a similar high-protein diet. They also enjoy algae wafers supplements as a snack. Angelfish are not too fussy … Read more

Do Angelfish Eat Blood Worms?

Dark Angelfish

Angelfish can eat blood worms, among all other different kinds of worms, as they are considered omnivores. Blood worms are rich in protein but also contain a large quantity of fat which can result in weight gain leading to sicknesses; therefore, it should be one part of a balanced diet.  Knowing whether angel fish can … Read more

Do Angelfish Eat Other Fish?

Angelfish and Discus in Large Planted Aquarium

Angelfish are piscivores – they eat other fish, including their own species. They mainly eat other fish due to inadequate living conditions, stress, territorial disputes, and limited food. Provide enough space, hiding places, food, and similar-sized fish to prevent angelfish from eating other fish. Have you noticed some of your fish disappearing? Can your angelfish … Read more