Are Cherry Barbs Schooling Fish?

School of Cherry Barbs with Plants

Cherry barbs are tropical freshwater schooling fish with a well-behaved, peaceful nature suitable for a community tank. They actively swim in loosely formed shoals and require plenty of hiding places as they tend to be shy. The males might show aggressive behavior during spawning. Cherry barbs are underrated schooling fish guaranteed to enhance any freshwater … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Peaceful?

Cherry Barb in Front of Plants

Native to Shri Lanka, cherry barbs are known to be peaceful and timid. This character may be what makes them vulnerable to predators. However, a robust male cherry barb or a school of cherry barbs can become quite aggressive, refusing to be intimidated by larger fish. Hence it is advisable to keep them away from … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Livebearers?

Cherry Barb with Single Leaf Behind

Cherry barbs are not livebearers but rather reproduce by spawning, which they do readily. Female cherry barbs usually produce 200- 300 eggs at a time, which are fertilized instantly by a male in the tank. Cherry barb eggs hatch within two days of being laid, and the parents do not raise their fry.  Whether this … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Hardy?

Three Cherry Barbs with Plants and Black

Cherry barbs are hardy fish due to their durability in resisting diseases and cope with less than ideal tank conditions. Although they are hardy, it does not mean they are invincible. Certain conditions may lower their immunity level. Cherry barbs must have the proper care routine to ensure optimum health. Any comprise in their habitat … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Fin Nippers?

One Cherry Barb Looking Down

Although cherry barbs are considered peaceful, there are some exceptions to the rules. Some cherry barbs are feisty and choose aggression over peace. A display of that aggression towards other fish is by fin nipping. There are usually some contributing factors causing these triggers such as poor water quality, overcrowding, or spawning. Often this aggression … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Bottom Feeders?

Cherry Barb Eating from Gravel

Cherry barbs (Puntius titteya) are not bottom feeders. They are considered middle-tank feeders of an aquarium. However, cherry barbs often venture close to the bottom of a tank, especially if the tank is heavily planted and dimly lit, replicating the species’ natural environment.  Cherry barbs may also be, at times, referred to as mid-bottom dwelling … Read more

Are Cherry Barbs Aggressive?

One Cherry Barb in Front of Plants

Cherry barbs are generally peaceful and not aggressive fish, especially if they are looked after and have enough resources. They might get aggressive under certain circumstances, such as during the spawning season, but they mostly keep to themselves, and it’s uncommon for them to nip other fish. Cherry barbs are known to be calm fish … Read more

How Many Zebra Danios In A 29 Gallon Tank?

Around five zebra danios should be put together in a 29-gallon tank. Keeping fewer than five zebra danios in a tank can cause stress, loss of appetite, illness, and show aggression toward other tank inhabitants. Zebra danios are known as schooling fish and find comfort and safety in groups.  Zebra danios are beautiful fish and … Read more