Does Betta Fish Food Expire?

Purple Betta

Just like human food, fish food – including food for your betta fish – eventually expires and is no longer safe to eat. The overwhelming majority of betta fish food expiration dates are simply “suggestions”. While dried food – pellets, flakes, and the like – eventually expire, you can usually feed this food to your … Read more

Betta Fish Food

There is a lot to consider with betta fish food and fish food in general.  Bettas are carnivorous and must be fed high protein diet.  While they can and typically will eat flakes, flakes should not be their main source of food. The Importance of Variety In the wild, there is a large variety of food … Read more

Introduction to Fish Food

On the surface, fish food is a pretty simple concept.  You feed your fish, they eat.  But there is a lot to consider.  How much should I feed my fish?  How often? What should I feed my fish? These are all great questions that many new aquarium keepers find themselves asking. Diet Classifications Like the … Read more