Do Angelfish Need A Filter?

Angelfish need a filter in their tank as the water in their tank needs to be clean and oxygenated for them to survive and thrive to their full potential. Not using a filter in your tank with your angelfish will result in poor water quality, which may cause your angelfish to develop various illnesses and lead to death.

Most aquarium setups require filters for fish to survive. Filters play an essential role in maintaining good water quality in your aquarium by filtering out waste particles and bacteria in your tank while also circulating the water in your tank and providing some oxygen to your fish.

Why Angelfish Need A Filter

A filter is a vital component of a healthy aquarium. It is used to keep the water clean by removing impurities and bacteria from your tank, which could potentially harm your fish.

A filter also aids in allowing the water in a tank to flow for better circulation and allows the water to be efficiently oxygenated.

Suppose you don’t have a filter in your aquarium setup to provide oxygen and circulation for your angelfish. In that case, they may only be able to survive for twelve hours before dying due to becoming stressed because of lack of oxygen and bad water quality.

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Angelfish Need Oxygen

For them to survive, it is crucial to ensure that angelfish are kept in a tank with adequate oxygen.

Oxygen is vital to the survival of angelfish, who breathe through their skin. If there is not an adequate amount of oxygen in the water, it can cause your angelfish to become stressed, and they could potentially die.

Apart from using a filter in your fish tank to aerate the water, you can also increase the level of oxygen in your tank by adding an air pump to your setup. This pumps more oxygen into the water to ensure enough oxygen for your fish to thrive.

Having a higher oxygen level in the water in your fish tank will result in your angelfish being more active in their tank environment and reduces stress.

Different Types Of Aquarium Filters For Angelfish

There are different types of filters one can put in their fish tank, each of which is designed in slightly different ways to suit different aquarium needs. The main types of filters available for purchase are hang-on, sponge, and canister filters.

Hang-On Filters

Hang-on filters can be attached to the back wall of your fish tank and use grates and disks to remove waste, impurities, and other bacteria from your tank. Hang-on filters are good for larger aquariums with more fish and can simultaneously provide chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration.

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Sponge Filters

Sponge filters are made of a porous material that can trap waste particles and other bacteria in your aquarium.

These filters also have tubing and an air pump that sits outside the aquarium’s water to push air into the hollow cavity of the spongy material, where water is drawn into the material by rising bubbles traveling through the porous material allowing the water to be filtered.

Sponge filters need to be replaced two times per year and can be used in any size fish tank but are better suited to be used in larger aquariums with a large volume of water.

Canister Filters

Canister filters remove waste and bacteria from your fish tank using a fin or propeller-like design to filter out these harmful particles.

These filters have pipes designed to draw water from your tank into an external filter or pressurized canister and pump clean water back into your tank using the fin or propeller-like design.

These filters don’t make much noise and work efficiently in any size aquarium. Still, they are better for large aquariums as they can efficiently filter a large volume of water at once.

The Best Filter To Use For Angelfish

Although it is important to take the size of your fish tank and the number of fish in your tank when deciding which filter is best, it is recommended that you use a hang-on type air-powered filter with a bio-wheel when keeping angelfish.

An air-powered filter and a bio-wheel allow you to maintain a healthy aquarium for your angelfish by providing a good balance of oxygen and circulation in your fish tank.

The bio-wheel component in this filter also removes all the harmful waste and bacteria from your tank, allowing the water in your fish tank to stay clean and reduces the chance of your fish developing any illnesses.

Aquarium Requirements For Keeping Angelfish

Apart from a filter, you need to add a few other components to your aquarium setup to ensure your angelfish are as healthy as they can be and can live as long as possible.

Angelfish are known to be quite hardy fish and relatively easy to take care of; however, you should still try to provide the most comfortable environment for your fish so they may thrive.

Getting A Heater For Your Angelfish

You should set the temperature of your aquarium’s water correctly according to the preferred water temperature for the species of fish that live in your tank.

For example, angelfish prefer a water temperature of between 78-84 degrees Fahrenheit, so the temperature of the water in your aquarium must be within this range so that your angelfish can thrive.

Keeping the temperature of your aquarium constantly at these temperatures requires you to add an aquarium heater to your fish tank setup.

Aquarium heaters come in different sizes, so it is crucial to choose the right size heater for your size aquarium. Should the heater you select be too small for your aquarium, it will not be able to provide adequate heating for your tank.

Getting An Air Pump For Your Angelfish

Although not necessary for the survival of your angelfish, you should always consider adding an air pump to your setup. Some filters have a built-in air pump, so an additional air pump is not always needed.

If you don’t have a filter with a built-in air pump, adding an air pump into your aquarium is recommended to increase the oxygen levels in your tank’s water. Increasing the oxygen levels in your tank can reduce the stress levels of your fish and encourage them to be more active in your tank.

Your angelfish will still survive if you don’t have a filter with an air pump and don’t want to add one to your aquarium setup. Air pumps are not vital for the survival of your angel fish as long as your filter properly circulates the water in your fish tank.


Angelfish are unable to live without a filter. This is because angelfish require clean, oxygenated water to survive. A filter plays a crucial role in ensuring that the water in your aquarium is kept clean by removing harmful waste particles and bacteria which may cause illnesses and even death for your fish.