Do Angelfish Make Noises?

Angelfish do make noises. They have been known to make noises that sound like barking, grunting, clicking, thudding, and knocking. Although no concrete evidence has been provided, it is assumed that they developed this trait due to the aspect of evolution. 

This article will detail why Angelfish make a noise, what situations they find themselves in when they do and which types of Angelfish actually make a noise (because there are many different types). If you are wondering if it would be irritating if you want one as a pet, then read on to see what type of noises they make.

Do Angelfish Make Noises?

It is quite a sight (and particularly, in this case, a sound) to behold if you get to hear an Angelfish sound off. Many owners have found that their Angelfish will make various noises depending on the situation they find the Angelfish in.

From barking to grunting and clicking, they have been found to make almost any noise. There is one theory as to why they do this, which we will discuss in the following sections below, but in order to arrive there and understand this “phenomenon,” let us take a look at the various types of Angelfish that one can get.

Three Striped Angelfish in Front of Rocks

What Types Of Angelfish Are There?

Understanding that Angelfish can be vocal (make a noise) is the first aspect of understanding this species. It would help if we understood a little more about them and what various types there are to determine if they all make a noise or if this phenomenon is localized to a specific type.

Let’s try and get a clearer picture.

Angelfish are a group (genus) of freshwater fish that come from the family of fish known as Cichlidae. They originate from South America and can be found in areas such as the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin, and the Guiana Shield.

Angelfish are considered “ambush predators” and will sustain themselves on smaller fish and macroinvertebrates. These are simply creatures that neither possess nor develop a vertebral column.

Due to their natural habitat in South America, the ideal aquarium water temperature for these fish is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level of less than 6.5.

In terms of personality, these fish are relatively peaceful when not mating, and suitable “tank mates” include Catfish who are able to protect themselves. The most common types of Angelfish include;

  • Albino Angelfish
  • Black Lace Angelfish
  • Black Veil Angelfish
  • Blushing Angelfish
  • Clown Angelfish
  • Ghost Angelfish
  • Gold Angelfish
  • Leopard Angelfish
  • Koi Angelfish
  • Marble Angelfish
  • Platinum Angelfish
  • Smokey Angelfish
  • Zebra Angelfish

Do All These Types Of Angelfish Make Noises?

The question now is if (or which) of these make noises. The answer is that they all do.

It would help to understand that there are so many “types” due to decades of selective breeding because of the appeal they bring to the fishkeeping hobby.

This means that they are not different from an evolutionary standpoint, and their characteristics (traits) will be shared.

Why Do Angelfish Make Noises?

Angelfish will make noises depending on their surrounding circumstances; moreover, the noises they will make can and will vary (which we will discuss later).

Although there is no concrete evidence to satisfy a curious mind in precisely knowing why Angelfish make noises in particular situations, many people (including experts, owners, and scientists) have contributed it to evolution. Let’s discuss this aspect in terms of how Angelfish me noises in various situations.

They Make Noises When They Are Being Chased

Even though Angelfish are considered ambush predators, there are scenarios where they may feel threatened. As such, they will vocalize as a defense mechanism to deter would-be predators and also in situations where they are being chased.

They Make Noises As A Sign Of Aggression

Evolution plays a role in all living creatures, even fish, and it can explain why they exhibit aggression. It is because it is a simple emotion.

Evolution can be classified as a development of a trait or habit over a very long period of time indeed (hundreds of thousands or even millions of years).

In terms of Angelfish, one speculation is that they evolved to vocalize when they are feeling aggressive. It will help if you remember that almost all fish will become aggressive sometime in their lives, which is compounded by their surroundings.

They Make Noises When Flirting

Another scenario where Angelfish owners have caught their aquarium pets making noise is when they are flirting (preparing to mate). Remember that this aspect of vocalization can also be due to evolution.

This is true for Angelfish in both their aggressive and defensive behavior.

What Type Of Noises Do Angelfish Make?

Angelfish have been known to make many sounds that include;

  • Barking
  • Clicking
  • Grunting
  • Thudding
  • Knocking


We conclude that Angelfish indeed make noises, and quite a few, as a matter of fact. Many first-time owners are actually in shock when they find out for the first time that their Angelfish are vocal, with some saying that it is so loud it sounds as if someone is knocking at the front door.

Although no determining factor has been derived as to why these fish do make a noise, many owners and experts have chalked it up to evolution. This I due to these fish exhibiting noises in particular situations, such as when they are defensive, aggressive, eating, or flirting.