How Many Cory Catfish In A 29 Gallon Tank?

In a 29-gallon tank, you could have stock between 15 and 20 smaller species like the dwarf cory catfish. It’s always best to keep your cory catfish in schools of at least six of the same species. With larger cory catfish, you could comfortably house 8 to 12 fish in a 29-gallon tank.

Cory catfish are social and love being in the company of their own species, offering them security and interaction they enjoy. As bottom-level fish, they make a great addition to community tanks. Since a 29-gallon is a popular size to showcase your aquarium, let’s dive in and see how many cory catfish you can keep.

How Many Cory Catfish Can you Keep In A 29 Gallon Tank?

There is a wide variety of cory catfish ranging from dwarf and pygmies that reach an inch long to the slightly bigger species reaching 3.5 inches. Therefore, the amount of cory catfish you can keep in your tank varies depending on your chosen species.

Cory catfish are an easy-going species ideal for any level of experience, from beginner to experienced aquarist.

They add visual interest to the bottom of your tank as they are primarily bottom dwellers that scavenge through substrate feed on algae that forms on decoration.

The amount of cory catfish you can house in a 29-gallon tank depends on the size of cory catfish you want to keep, which ranges from 1 inch to 3 inches.

A rule of thumb when trying to determine the quantity of fish you can have in your tank is to consider that for every inch of fish, you will need one gallon of water.

However, just because you have a 29-gallon tank doesn’t mean you can keep twenty-nine one-inch cory catfish. You need to consider the amount of space your decorations will take up and any other community tank fish you want to add to fill your different levels.

A 29-gallon tank is how much water is held in the tank diameters, which is 30”x12”x18”.

Suppose you are considering keeping the smaller species of cory catfish, like the dwarf and pygmy cory catfish. In that case, you can house between 15 and 20 in a 29-gallon tank, depending on how much decoration and live plants you add to the bottom level of your tank.

Remember, you don’t have to add all your decorations at the bottom of the tank. You can add floating plants and driftwood that provide them with hiding places and shade from the light.

Suppose you want to get a bigger species of cory catfish, like the bronze or pepper cory catfish, which are about 2.5 inches. In that case, you can house between 8 and 12 together.

Corydoras fish

Can You Keep Different Cory Catfish Together?

Cory catfish are social beings, which means they are social with their own species. Some solo cory catfish species may join a school of cory catfish to gain the security these fish find in schools, but they will be much happier with their own kind.

Cory catfish are not aggressive. Instead, they are social, docile, and somewhat shy fish that enjoy plenty of plants to explore and hide in, in case they feel threatened or sense danger.

Keeping different species of cory catfish is possible. If you are considering this option, try to keep the schools at no less than four same species of cory catfish together, six is preferable.

Is There A Big Difference Between 20 And 29 Gallon Tank?

Considering buying a 29-gallon tank versus a 20-gallon long tank, then consider the following information before rushing out.

A 29-gallon tank has the same length and depth dimensions as a 20-gallon long tank, so don’t be fooled that you can house much more fish in a 29-gallon versus a 20-gallon.

The difference come in the height where a 29-gallon tank is 18” in height versus the 20-gallon, which is 12” high.

Because the 29-gallon is higher, you have the benefit of adding more mid-level plants for decoration, opening up the lower level a bit more, and allowing you to add a few extra cory catfish versus the 20-gallon tank.

Requirements For Cory Catfish In A 29 Gallon Tank

As a pet owner, you need to provide the best environment for your aquarium residents, so it’s vital for your cory catfish schools to feel comfortable and happy in their environment.

Setting up the perfect tank decorations and plants and offering the right water conditions for them will ensure they have a happy and long life.

Water Condition Requirements For Cory Catfish?

It’s best to mimic the cory catfish natural environment as best as possible to provide these docile little creatures with the best conditions possible to make them feel at home.

Aquarium water parameter

pH Levels: 7.0-7.8

Temperature: 72-78°F (

Water Hardness: 3-10dKH

Ammonia & Nitrites: 0ppm

Nitrates: Control levels with partial regular water changes

They are found in shallow, slow-moving streams in their natural environment, so they will enjoy a smooth, medium water movement in the tank.

Lightning is also an essential aspect of cory catfish. Avoid harsh lights; the best is to use moderate to normal light for your cory cats. A standard community tank light is sufficient for your 29-gallon tank.

Decoration And Plants For Cory Catfish

The decoration is significant for cory catfish. It provides the school of fish with places to hide and rest while also offering a playground for them to dart and chase each other, keeping them amused and intrigued with bright colors and rocks.

As bottom dwellers, they will scavenge the bottom of the tank for leftover foods that have fallen from the top. So the best is to provide them with a soft sandy substrate they can rummage through in search of food.

Gravel can sometimes not be the best option as some gravel may be sharp and damage fins and the whiskers around their mouths. Another issue could be that the fish swallow a small gravel that could get lodged in the gills or mouth of the cory catfish.

Cory catfish love having plenty of live plants in the aquarium, providing them with plenty of hiding places and resting spots for the occasional power nap.

The best plants you should keep in your tank with cory catfish are plants that can survive in the water conditions in which cory catfish live.

Some of the best plants to use are

Also, provide your cory cats with different decorations they can play and hide in to make the days exciting and provide shelter at night when it’s lights out.

Tank Mates For Cory Catfish In 29-Gallon tank

Although you can keep cory catfish alone in a tank, a 29-gallon tank seems a bit of a waste for them alone. Also, Cory catfish are bottom dwellers, as we previously mentioned, so only the bottom part of your tank will have some activity.

Since the space is there, why not add different-level fish that are the perfect tank mates to create a fish community for your tank?

  • Guppies
  • Neon Tetras
  • Pleco
  • Nerite shrimp
  • Freshwater snails
  • Swordtails
  • Mollies
  • Elephant nose fish
  • Kuhli loaches

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Cory catfish are bottom dwellers that need tanks that are longer than they are high. They swim in schools and love chasing and darting about as they scavenge for food. Depending on the size, you can keep between 8 and 20 cory catfish in a 29-gallon tank. They make excellent community fish and prefer to be in a school of at least 6 fish.