Can Zebra Danios Live With Goldfish?

The calm, non-aggressive temperament of zebra danios and goldfish is reason enough for them to co-exist, making them ideal tank mates. Besides their similar demeanor, zebra danios and goldfish are known to share similar tank requirements and dietary needs.

As with any fish species, certain circumstances can cause the zebra danios and goldfish to behave unpredictably. Stress is the underlying factor that threatens a peaceful sanity of an aquarium and adversely affects their co-existence.

Reasons Why Zebra Danios Can Live With Goldfish

Zebra danios are native to India and part of Bangladesh, belonging to the cyprinidae family. They are easily recognizable by their blueish-purple horizontal stripes that run from the gill to the tail, accentuating their slim silver bodies.

Goldfish are native to Southern China and known for their orange-gold color, except for the comet goldfish, which is grayish-white with orange spots.

Although both zebra danios and goldfish are beautiful fish that will complement any aquarium, their appearance is not the reason for their ability to co-exist.

Their peaceful demeanor and non-aggressive character contribute to the tank’s zen atmosphere.

Both zebra danios and goldfish are considered cold-water fish and can adapt to water temperatures, enabling them to live in the same temperature range.

Feeding time is no fuss as they both share the exact dietary requirements. As omnivores, they have an undemanding diet and can feed on plant and animal matter.

Zebra Danio with Red Tint

Factors To Consider When Zebra Danios Live With Goldfish

Although zebra danios and goldfish seem to be a match made in heaven, certain factors must be considered before housing them in the same tank.

Below are some of those factors:

Appropriate Tank Size

Zebra danios are schooling fish that prefer to be part of a group of 5 or more fish of their species; this helps give them a sense of security and community. Reducing the number of fish can result in stress.

Signs of this stress can result in aggression towards other fish, as they become territorial, even to the extent of fin nipping.

Goldfish are also exceptionally social and prefer to be in groups. As an introduction to new tank mates, the goldfish will try to communicate and familiarize itself by rubbing against the fish’s body.

Another gesture is swimming with the school of goldfish with the head forward or the head in the opposite direction. They might even consider floating perpendicularly above another goldfish.

With all this movement going on, zebra danios and goldfish need ample space. If you keep a school of danios, the ideal tank size is 10 gallons. Add a school of goldfish to the aquarium, then a tank size of between 30- 50 gallons is advisable, depending on the number of fish.

Also, consider keeping ample plants and caves, as zebra danios and goldfish love to hide.

Correct Water Temperature

Both zebra danios and goldfish can tolerate almost any water temperature.

Zebra danio’s ideal water temperature would be between 64- and 74-degrees Fahrenheit. However, the perfect water temperature should be between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate both species.

There should be a PH level of 6.5 to 7.0 and a water hardness of 5 to 12 dGH.

Sufficient Food

Since zebra danios and goldfish are omnivores with very similar dietary requirements, it is essential to ensure that they each have sufficient food.

Brine shrimp or blood worms and good meat options are low in fat and protein. They traditionally eat both plant and animal matter with high nutritional value. Omega-rich flakes and pellets are a perfect choice.

It is crucial to ensure sufficient food to meet the zebra danios and goldfish needs. Zebra danios are known to be fast swimmers, and during feeding time, they tend to be the first to swim to the surface.

Large goldfish, with their lack of discernment, can see the petite zebra danios as their meal ticket if they do not have sufficient food. Goldfish, on the other hand, is much slower swimmers. So be mindful that the zebra danios could get there first and finish all the food.

It’s advisable to start feeding in small quantities until the appearance of the goldfish and then continue with feeding. This will ensure that the goldfish get their fair share of nutrition.

Ensure that you keep long-bodied goldfish together and short-bodied together; if there is a variation and comets are brought into the mix, they could dominate the feeding time, leaving the others with a shortage of food.

It is advisable to feed zebra danios 1 to 2 times a day; the amount of food depends on the amount they consume within 2- 3 minutes of feeding, while goldfish need to be fed 2-3 times a day.

Here is a guideline on the diet and feeding times for both zebra danios and goldfish to ensure that they have a balanced diet.

BloodwormsOne small pinch1-2 times a week
Mosquito Larvae12-152-3 times a week
Veggie PelletsOne small pinchTwo times a day
Blanched peasHalf a pea2-3 times a week
Tubifex wormsOne small pinchOne time a day
Blanched zucchiniOne small slice3-4 times a week

Enough Hiding Places

Both zebra danios and goldfish love to hide. Hence providing them with ample hiding places will eliminate stress.

Hiding places will also allow the zebra danios to protect themselves from the adult goldfish.

The following should be included as hiding places:

  • Aquarium rocks
  • Driftwood
  • Aquarium ornaments
  • Terracotta pots

Having the appropriate plants will help keep the tank well-oxygenated. The following plants should be included:

  • Java moss
  • Anubias
  • Java moss

Ensure Suitable Tank Mates

If you plan to include other tank mates with your zebra danios and goldfish, then the below are a suitable match:

  • cory catfish
  • hillstream loach
  • white cloud minnos
  • bristlenose pleco
  • rubber lip pleco
  • bloodfin tetras
  • rummy nose tetra
  • rosy barb
  • checker barb
  • platies
  • swordtail fish
goldfish carassius auratus
goldfish carassius auratus

Is it A Risk To Keep Zebra Danios With Goldfish?

Both zebra danios and goldfish are non-aggressive fish. A zebra danio can grow up to 2 inches, approximately five cm, which is quite petite compared to other fish.

Goldfish are known to grow up to 6 inches in a tank, approximately 15,24 cm, making zebra danios vulnerable to them.

However, zebra danios are pretty active, and their survival skills in fast-paced swimming motion enable them to quickly dart away from the goldfish even before they can catch them. Good hiding places can also be part of their escape plan.

Zebra danios are also known to fin nip on rare occasions when they experience any form of aggression or feel that the fish is becoming territorial.

If the situation becomes volatile, it is advisable to separate the zebra danios from the larger goldfish in extreme circumstances.


Zebra danios and goldfish can co-exist peacefully, each enjoying their own space in the aquarium. The main reasons are their similar characteristics, dietary requirements, and ability to survive in the same water temperatures.

However, it is advisable to consider the above factors when housing them together to avoid stress. Adherence to these will ensure a zen atmosphere with no fish stress.