Can Guppies Eat Bread?

Guppies can eat bread scarcely, but that doesn’t mean you should still feed them any. Bread doesn’t provide any healthy nutrients for your guppy’s growth and can do more harm than good.

Apart from the negative health effects of bread on your guppy, it can also contaminate your aquarium fast and grow unwanted bacteria.

Stick around to get more info on why we wouldn’t recommend adding bread to your guppy’s’ diet.

Can Guppies Eat Bread Regularly?

Feeding your guppies bread regularly isn’t a good idea. Bread contains gluten, yeast, preservatives, sugar, and other harmful ingredients for your guppies.

There are better food options to provide your guppies with that won’t risk their well-being.

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Why You Shouldn’t Feed Guppies Bread

There’s more than one reason why bread can be harmful to your guppies. Let’s dive into the most common adverse effects that it has on your finned friends.

Inhibits Digestion

The yeast in bread has the potential to bloat your guppies’ little stomachs, causing them discomfort.

Guppies are also unable to break down gluten like us. This means that their digestive systems would have to work harder to digest bread, leading to lethargy and lack of energy.

You’ll notice their inactiveness when they’re sinking to the bottom of the aquarium and resting there.

Your guppies might also experience constipation. In this case, their secretion will look long and stringy.

Poor Tank Hygiene

Whenever you dip bread in a liquid, it’ll start to become soggy and break apart easily. Imagine the number of bread particles that will infest your aquarium if you pop in a few pieces of bread.

The bread will absorb the water and momentarily disintegrate like cotton. Some of the small pieces will then fall to the bottom of your tank, uneaten.

The majority might get in your aquarium’s filter. The crumbs can also increase your tank’s ammonia level, resulting in a toxic environment for your poor guppies.

Lack of Proper Nutritional Value

The Guppies’ diet doesn’t need a high-calorie source of carbs. It’s like loading up on junk food.

Instead, they might appreciate a high-protein and nutrient-filled meal.

Other Foods Your Guppy Shouldn’t Eat

While bread isn’t a good addition to your guppy’s diet, there are other foods you should also consider avoiding. Here’s a list of them.

High-fat Proteins and Vegetables

Fats aren’t necessarily unhealthy for your guppies, but you need to be light-handed. High-fat proteins like pork and beef might be too much for them.

Fats can accumulate around your guppies’ hearts and cause serious damage to their livers, as well. You should also be wary of vegetables cooked in fatty oil and butter.

Processed Ingredients

Trans fats, high sodium, and sugars aren’t preferable for your guppies’ food intake. If it’s bad for us, it’s probably worse for them.


Although your guppies might enjoy snacking on some starchy crackers, rice, cereal, or pasta, you should still avoid them. Starch, like bread, has gluten which will end up causing more bloating.

What Can Guppies Eat?

After figuring out what foods you should steer clear of, you might want to get a better idea of what you can include in your guppies’ diet.

In the wild, guppies usually reach out for mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, minuscule insects, and soft algae.

Check out our list below for some recommended meal plans and treats that will keep your guppies in tip-top shape.

Commercial Fish Food

When it comes to fish food, there’s no need to overcomplicate things. You can reach for some commercial guppy food and call it a day.

That being said, you should always be cautious of what type you get. Make sure that it meets the requirements of the needed amount of nutrients since some cheap brands fall short in that requirement.

The cheaper brands might also cause algae to bloom on your tank’s surface if left uncleaned.

Since there’s an overwhelming amount of guppy food brands in the industry, you can always just stick to the more well-known ones.

Try to get a variety and not stick to just one type of food. For instance, you can get spirulina tablets, freeze-dried brine shrimp, and freeze-dried tubifex worms.

There are more types to choose from such as vegetable pallets and flake food. Getting three different kinds should be enough for your little buddies to grow.

Guppy Fry Food

If you’ve got guppy fry in the mix, you can feed them commercial guppy fry food as well. We recommend you crush the food first since their mouths are really little.

Try to pound the food into a powder form for them. You can alternatively feed them some crushed-up human foods, just not bread.

When Should You Feed Your Guppies?

Guppies aren’t particular with their feeding habits. You can throw them anything and they’ll probably eat it right away!

This is why you need to carefully schedule their feeding time. Once a day should do it, but you can also feed them twice.

As a rule of thumb, feed them an amount that they can consume within less than a minute. Your guppies will ignore leftover food sinking to the bottom of the tank.

It’s best to always clean up after to deter a toxic aquarium.

What Human Food Can Guppies Eat?

If you find yourself out of your commercial guppy feed, don’t fret. You can make your guppies a fresh homemade meal with some of the ingredients listed below.

  • Vegetables are well-suited for your omnivorous guppies. You can cut up some spinach, lettuce, and kale. Make sure to blanch them well.
  • Proteins are an essential part of your guppies’ meal plan. Raw shrimp and fish can be served. It’ll keep them invigorated for the rest of the day.
  • Fruits can also be a smart inclusion in your guppies’ diet. They’d make a sweet treat. You can serve them apples, bananas, and grapes.

To Conclude

Bread is not the best option for your guppies’ next meal. If you don’t have any commercial fish feed for them, look for better food choices in your fridge.

If you happen to have already fed them bread, we recommend monitoring your fish for signs of distress and checking with a vet if needed.