What Is the Best Temperature for Swordtails?

Keeping a swordtail is one of the best options to start with if you’re a beginner. However, some people don’t know which is the best temperature range for swordtails.

The best temperature for swordtails ranges from 72F to 79F.

There are some situations that would require a certain temperature. For example, breeding your swordtail fish would need a specific temperature. You should also be familiar with the maximum and minimum temperatures your swordtails can survive in.

That said, let’s dive into more details regarding the question, what are the best temperatures for swordtails.

Determining the Best Temperature for Swordtails

To correctly determine the ideal temperature for your swordtails, you need to first know why you want to know this information.

Here lie two reasons: it’s either you want to know what temperature they should live in or you’re looking to breed your swordtails and you want to know the ideal temperature for breeding.

If it’s the first option and you simply know what temperature swordtails live in, then the answer is from 72F to 79F. However, if you want to know the temperature suitable for breeding them, then the answer is 78F.

Maintaining the ‌water parameters is critical to a fish’s health. You should always make sure that the tank’s optimal water temperatures are maintained so that your swordtail fish’s survival is not jeopardized.

Group of Swordtails on Gravel

Maximum Temperature to Keep Swordtails

Swordtail fish can tolerate higher temperatures than 79F, but it’s not optimal for them. Such high temperatures can go up to 90F.

Risks of Keeping Swordtails in Hot Temperatures

Hot water affects swordtails by speeding up their metabolism. This is why in high temperatures, swordtails get hyperactive. Thus, the swordtails get stressed and it can lead up to their death.

The absence of oxygen is another big concern with keeping swordtails at higher temperatures. This is because fish breathe by drawing oxygen from the water, but oxygen levels become critical at higher temperatures for most fish.

If you’re going to keep your swordtails in hot water temperature, then you should make sure you provide them with good water circulation and oxygenation. This way, you’d avoid high temperatures getting risky for your swordtails.

In addition, due to a lack of oxygen, higher temperatures might destroy beneficial bacteria in the tank. When the bacteria in the tank don’t have enough oxygen, they can’t break down the ammonia. Ammonia buildup in the tank might result in a variety of issues.

What to Do If the Tank’s Water Is Too Hot for Swordtails?

You should take the required precautions when the water temperature rises above 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also preferable to have a well-controlled heating and cooling system.

It’s also worth noting that the cooling process should be progressive rather than quick. Swordtail fish might be stressed by a fast drop in temperature since they’re unable to adapt to such shifts.

If that’s not an option, then direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs. Cover your tank with newspapers or install blinds on your windows to keep the sun out.

Another point is, if you have tank lights, the water temperature may rise. Swordtail fish just require ambient light during the day and do not require lighting at night.

As a result, you should switch off the lights in your tank for a period of time to allow the water to calm down.

Minimum Temperature to Keep Swordtails

As for low temperatures, you shouldn’t keep your swordtails at a temperature lower than 72F as it’s not healthy for them.

Low temperatures cause the swordtails to be more prone to diseases. However, swordtails can survive temperatures as low as 55F.

Risks of Keeping Swordtails in Cold Water Temperature

Cold water slows swordtail fish’s metabolism, making them sick, inactive, and anxious.

Cold water will also severely limit your swordtail fish’s ability to reproduce. It’s not a good idea to keep your swordtails at a cold temperature if you want to breed them.

Swordtails require warm water to grow in the tank, so keeping them in a cold tank puts them at risk. They may also experience stress, which can inflict damage on their health.

The cooler the water, the higher the risk of sickness for your swordtails. In low temperatures, your swordtails will become sick on a regular basis. Infections, parasites, and serious diseases including fin rot, cottonmouth, and others can infect them.

All of this obstructs their capacity to grow appropriately. If you keep your swordtails in cold water, they will not mature into healthy adults.

What to Do If the Tank’s Water Is Too Cold for Swordtails?

If the temperature in your swordtail’s tank drops below 72 degrees Fahrenheit, you must take the proper steps to keep your swordtails from contracting diseases or illnesses.

It would be beneficial if you kept a thermometer in your aquarium at all times so you could monitor the temperature range.

Additionally, to keep the temperature of your aquarium under control, you’ll need a heater. If a heater is not available at the moment, you can add sufficient lighting. Warmth and heat will be emitted into the tank as a result of this.

Why You Should Get a Heater for Your Swordtails

Swordtails require consistent temperatures. The main purpose of installing a heater in your tank is to make it easier to keep track of the temperatures.

This is why it is advised that you avoid frigid temperatures and use water heaters to maintain a consistent, warm temperature for your fish.

Final Words

Keeping your swordtails at an appropriate temperature will ensure they stay healthy and safe. Knowing the maximum and minimum temperatures your swordtail can be exposed to is crucial to know in order to know how to avoid extreme risks.

A small but sudden reduction in temperature might cause a slew of problems for your swordtail’s health. That said, a water heater might be a great way to avoid temperature-related problems.