The Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is important to understand for the safety of your fish. Fish waste and excessive feeding contribute to the creation of compounds that are dangerous to fish. Bacteria break down waste and it transitions through several different compounds including. It ultimately ends up as the least dangerous compound which is removed from the … Read more

New Aquarium Shopping List

Here’s a list of what we believe to be the bear essentials for getting your fish tank up and running. Aquarium Stand Hood/Lid Light Heater Filter Thermometer Substrate 2D Background or 3D Background Decorations/Rocks/Driftwood/Live Plants Water Testing Kit (Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, pH) Fish Net Siphon Vacuum Water Treatment/Dechlorinator Algae Scrubber Bucket (New Bucket that is … Read more

Acclimating New Fish to your Tank

Buying a new fish is an exciting day. You’ll be one step closer to completing your tank or replacing a fallen comrade. Fish that you buy have been living in an environment that is likely different from your water in some way. It can be unsafe and unhealthy for your new fish to just add … Read more