Do Guppies Eat Algae?

Yes, guppies eat algae and can benefit a great deal from it. However, they need a variety of foods in order to lead a long, healthy life. And they won’t clean your tank of algae the way a traditional algae eater will. Guppies are sweet colorful fish that can be easily maintained. However, aquarists often … Read more

How to Control Algae in an Aquarium

At some point in nearly every aquariums life, there will be algae growth.  It is common and normal. Some algae, such as blue green algae, is even beneficial in small quantities as it contributes to the health of the nitrogen cycle. However, in large quantities, algae is aesthetically displeasing, ugly, and can be unhealthy.  This … Read more

Types of Algae in Aquariums

At some point in every aquarium, there will be algae growth. It’s very common when the tank is going through its initial nitrogen cycle. It’s also very common after the tank is mature and has been going strong and steady for several months.  In general, there are 5 main different types of algae that grow … Read more

Three Best Algae Eating Fish

At some point in the life of every aquarium, algae will grow.  It’s unavoidable.  There are many types of algae and many different methods for controlling it.  You can turn the lights off for days, buy a uv sterilizer, or scrub the glass. But why not let a fish or invertebrate do the work for you? … Read more

Basic Tank Maintenance Schedule

Daily Maintenance Tasks Check your fish for signs of disease.  This can include physical damage, changes in appearance, or a lack of appetite. Check the temperature and make sure it’s within an acceptable range. Check the lights.  Make sure they are still working and aren’t blown out. Make sure the filter is still pumping. Weekly Maintenance … Read more

How to Do a Water Change

As your fish produce waste, they fuel the nitrogen cycle. At the end of the cycle, nitrates are produced. They slowly rise and can reach levels that are not safe and are unhealthy for your fish. Since there is no way for the nitrates to get out of the tank, you must manually remove it. … Read more