Best Fish for Small Tanks

Very small fish tanks have opened up the fish keeping hobby for many people that lack the space for a larger community aquarium. Aquariums that are 2 to 5 gallons give people many options for where to keep their tank.  Whether you are looking for a small tank to go in your office or maybe … Read more

Three Best Algae Eating Fish

At some point in the life of every aquarium, algae will grow.  It’s unavoidable.  There are many types of algae and many different methods for controlling it.  You can turn the lights off for days, buy a uv sterilizer, or scrub the glass. But why not let a fish or invertebrate do the work for you? … Read more

Choosing Fish for your New Aquarium

So you’ve decided to set up an aquarium. Of the many tasks and decisions that now lay in front of you, perhaps the most important is which fish are you going to put in your tank.  There are many things to consider, but we’ll attempt to break it down to the most important and most … Read more

Blue Freshwater Fish

Looking for a blue colored fish to add some color to your aquarium? Well, you’ve got some options.  This is our list of our favorite blue freshwater fish. Betta Bettas are easily one of the most popular fish. They are easy to care for, colorful, and have long flowing fins. They come in many different … Read more

10 Best Fish for Beginners

There are several categories to consider when examining fish that are good for beginners.  Ease of care, temperament, hardiness, beauty, size, cost, and availability.  This is our list of the 10 best fish for beginners. Bettas Anandarajkumar [GFDL] Bettas come in many different colors and have long luscious fins. They are easily one of the … Read more