Do Cherry Barbs Need A Filter?

Group of Cherry Barbs in Front of Plants

Cherry barbs do need a filter in the aquarium. The sponge filter system is the recommended way to safely filter waste and other debris from the water while using a gentle sucking action, thus not disturbing the slow-flowing habitation of the cherry barbs. Gentle sponge filtration is good for cherry barbs, as a more robust … Read more

Do Guppies Need a Filter?

No, guppies don’t need a filter. They can survive in a garden pond or a filterless aquarium provided the tank is mature, has lots of plants, and the tank is stocked very low. While they don’t need a filter, we strongly recommend one for all but the most advanced fish keepers. Preparing a new tank … Read more

Intro to Aquarium Filtration

The filtration system is arguably the most important component in an aquarium.  It is responsible for removing dangerous elements, particles and compounds from the water in order to keep your fish safe. However, filtration is complicated.  There are several types of filtration and several types of filters each with some positives and negatives.  This article … Read more