Do Angelfish Need A Heater?

Aquarium Heater with Hang On Back Filter

Angelfish are considered tropical fish, and as a result, they require a heater in their tank. Due to the temperatures of rooms tending to fluctuate, it’s necessary to use a heater to keep the tank’s water temperature stable, ideally between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although requiring a heater to maintain angelfish in your tank healthily is … Read more

Do Guppies Need a Filter?

No, guppies don’t need a filter. They can survive in a garden pond or a filterless aquarium provided the tank is mature, has lots of plants, and the tank is stocked very low. While they don’t need a filter, we strongly recommend one for all but the most advanced fish keepers. Preparing a new tank … Read more

Do Guppies Need an Air Pump?

Guppies in freshwater aquarium

Like many other species of fish, guppies don’t need air pumps in their tanks. However, if the tank doesn’t have a filter or some other method of disturbing the surface, you should provide an air pump.  If you’re setting up a new tank for your guppies or maintaining your old one, you may be asking, … Read more

Bikini Bottom – The Best Spongebob Aquarium We’ve Ever Seen

Youtube user tonycrash posted a video called “Best Complete SpongeBob Theme Aquarium”.  There are lots of videos out there of aquariums attempting to replicate Bikini Bottom, but this is easily the best Spongebob aquarium we’ve ever seen. It’s a 5.5 gallon tank complete with Spongebob’s house, Patrick’s house – which was rigged from a coconut drink … Read more

Best Desktop Aquarium

Adding an aquarium to your office space can do a lot to improve your work conditions. Having an aquarium with even a few fish can relieve stress and provide some entertainment when you are in need of a distraction. There are lots of options for smaller aquariums that will easily fit on most desks. They … Read more

3D Aquarium Backgrounds

In most aquariums, the background is little more than a laminated piece of paper that is taped onto the outside of the back of the aquarium.  Gravel is sloped low in the front to thick in the back and decorations are added to create the illusion of depth.  The laminated background does little other than to … Read more

Intro to Aquarium Filtration

The filtration system is arguably the most important component in an aquarium.  It is responsible for removing dangerous elements, particles and compounds from the water in order to keep your fish safe. However, filtration is complicated.  There are several types of filtration and several types of filters each with some positives and negatives.  This article … Read more