Common Angelfish Diseases

Three Striped Angelfish in Front of Rocks

The most common angelfish diseases are a white spot disease called Ich, mouth rot resulting from injuries from fights with other fish, and dropsy which can cause fish to swim with a tilt.  Early detection of your angelfish is vital, like looking for signs of common diseases. Early signs of diseases are a loss of … Read more

Is BettaFix Safe for Bettas?

BettaFix is considered safe for bettas when used as directed. While overdosing is a concern, careful application of the natural treatment is a safe way to treat a variety of bacterial and fungal concerns. The key to using BettaFix safely is understanding what the product is intended to treat and using it as directed. You … Read more

Can Guppies Get Neon Tetra Disease

Close up of a guppy

Although this is a rare condition, guppies can contract Neon Tetra Disease. To ensure a higher survival rate of a guppy, isolate them in a quarantine tank as soon as they start to show symptoms of the Neon Tetra Disease.  Neon Tetra disease is a degenerative condition caused by the parasite called Microsporidian. Once this … Read more

Do You Actually Need a Quarantine Tank?

While quarantine tanks aren’t required, they are certainly are great to have around for when you get new fish or if you are dealing with a sick fish. In this article, we’ll explore the question of “what is a quarantine tank”, how to set one up, and what the common uses of quarantine tanks are. … Read more

How to Euthanize a Fish

An aquarium fish can be euthanized either by putting your fish in the freezer, a cup ice water, or by putting the fish into high proof rubbing alcohol. When to Euthanize a Fish It’s never an easy decision to euthanize fish. However if your fish has been suffering and shows no signs of recovery, it … Read more

Intro to Fish Diseases

Dealing with a sick fish is never fun, but it is an unfortunate reality of keeping aquariums.  Not knowing how they got sick, whether they will survive or whether they will infect the rest of the tank can be stressful in an ordinarily stress free hobby. Many diseases can be prevented through proper tank maintenance, … Read more